Barangay Anislag



It is said that before the coming of the Americans, this place was still a thick forest and the trees that dominantly grew therein were those locally known as “Anislag”

Many people from the other communities cut trees in this forest for their domestic uses. In the course of the time, when these tree cutters were asked of their destination, they would say they were going to the place where the “Anislag” trees grow abundantly. Thus, the place was then called Anislag, which name has been carried up to the present time.

Punong Barangay: Calixto B. Tudtud

Barangay Kagawads:

  1. Arnil C. Bete
  2. Teodulo S. Añong, Jr.
  3. Corazon H. Sebandal
  4. Eulalio A. Balagunsa, Jr.
  5. Dexter M. Curayag
  6. Marcos S. Buñol
  7. German A. Pandan, Jr.

SK Chairman: Ma. Elaine C. Porol

SK Kagawads:

  1. Maria Resty P. Darunday
  2. Mark Noriel L. Pandan
  3. Abel Lena L. Baliong
  4. John Rey C. Pacot
  5. Dindy L. Banawan
  6. Hector B. Boñul
  7. Mark Joseph P. Rebuya

Barangay Secretary: Mrs. Felixberta C. Lasquite

Barangay Treasurer: Mr. Mauro D. Vale

Members of the Barangay Tanods:

  1. Leonardo Felisilda Jr.
  2. Casianito Rebuya
  3. Diosdado Calvis
  4. Victor Curayag
  5. Protacio Bellezas
  6. Bonito Jawa
  7. Victorico Bamuya
  8. Anthony Bahalla

Members of Barangay Health Workers:

  1. Erlina Bete
  2. Paterna Rebuya
  3. Alfredo Pacot
  4. Salvina Curayag
  5. Flavia Malinao
  6. Arsenia Jawa
  7. Teodosia lamban
  8. Marelyn Fegarido

Members of the Lupon Tagapamayapa

  1. Pedro Malinao
  2. Esteban Jawa
  3. Alejandro BEte
  4. Zacarias Bontuan
  5. Teodulo Añong Sr.
  6. Esteban Curayag
  7. Julian Bete
  8. Necitas Bontuan
  9. Agripino Malanog

Day Care Worker: Mrs. Helen A. Pandan

Utility Worker: Mrs. Dionisia Daisog

BALA: Kag. Marcos Boñul

Barangay Nutrition Scholars: Salbina B. Curayag

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