Barangay Canangcaan



During the early times, “Nangka” (jackfruit) trees abound in this locality. And there was one which was so prominent because of its outspread big branches, the leaves of which could shelter even a sizeable group of persons. This shelter attracted many people that even those who lived in the other communities had their meetings and recreation like “tokis” (cockfighting) below this tree.

So, it came to pass that when people were asked where will they have their recreation or pastime, they would readily answer “adto sa Kanangka-an” or in the place where the jackfruit trees are abundant. Since then, this locality has been known as Canangca-an.

Distance from Poblacion : 5.5 kilometers

Total land area: 800.1441 hec / 13 332 m2

Number of households: 210

Population: 1000

Source of potable water: Corella Waterworks System

Major agricultural products: copra, rice, corn, rootcrops, livestock, vegetables

Major source of livelihood: farming, carpentry

Barangay IRA : 814,916.00

Number of Day care worker: 1

Punong Barangay: Zosimo O. Comidoy

Barangay Kagawads:

  1. Bernardino I. Ado
  2. Marcial M. Caliao
  3. Pedro D. Tapay
  4. Orencio M. Parac
  5. Bonifacio C. Malanog
  6. Gorgonio S. Comidoy
  7. Aproniano C. Malanog, Jr.

SK Chairman: Hubert Y. Rapal

SK Kagawads:

  1. Ronnel G. Tasong
  2. Ma. Donabel M. Lim
  3. Maria Adela C. Daray
  4. Nel Andro N. Apog
  5. Lyndie H. Caluba
  6. Joergen C. Gascal
  7. Aries R. Caluba

Barangay Secretary: Nenita N. Apog

Barangay Treasurer: Emelia D. Gascal

Barangay Health Workers:

  1. Arlene Malanog
  2. Marcian Apog
  3. Mariette Payot
  4. Cecelia Operario
  5. Susana Sayon
  6. Saturnina Pag-ong
  7. Alona Fuentes
  8. Crispina Balili
  9. Rosita Agay
  10. Brigida Malanog (BNS)

Barangay Tanods:

  1. Leandro Apog _chief tanod
  2. Elmer Apale
  3. Nelson Mulit
  4. Flavio Comidoy
  5. Rufino Ugpo
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