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Just like the origin of the names of Barangays Anislag and Canangca-an, the name Canapnapan is derived from the name of a tree for it is a corruption of the local word “kadapdapan” or the place where “dapdap” trees grow in abundance.

“Dapdap” is a variety of that tree whose leaves are very big and the flaming red flowers of which reach full bloom during the months of March and April, Barangay Canapnapan abound with this particular variety of tree during the early times hence, the name given it.

Location and Physical Bounderies:

The barangay of Canapnapan is located in the North-eastern part of the town proper. It is bounded on the North by the barangay Canangca-an, on the South by the barangay Poblacion and barangay Cancatac, on the East in the Municipality of Sikatuna and on the west is the barangay Pandol. It is two and a half (2 ½) kilometers from the town proper.

Distance from Poblacion : 2.5 kilometers

Total land area: 529.6584

Number of households: 148

Population: 743

Area: 529.6584

Number of schools (public and private): 1

Source of potable water: Corella Waterworks System

Major agricultural products: ubi, corn, rice, vegetables, copra

Major source of livelihood: farming, laborer, carpentry

Barangay IRA : 795,752.00

Number of Day care worker: 1

Different committees

Barangay Development Council (BDC)

Barangay Nutrition Committee (BNC)

Barangay Anti Drug Abuse Committee (BADAC)

Barangay Waste Management Committee (BWMC)

Barangay Peace and Order Council (BPOC)

Barangay Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council (BPFSDCS)

Executive Committee

Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC)

Lupong Tagapamayapa

Punong Barangay : Roel A. Tajantajan

Barangay Kagawads:

  1. Lolita D. Tajantajan
  2. Artemio J. Albeza
  3. Eutiquia G. Tajantajan
  4. Richiel D. Agosto
  5. Juanita B. Nesle
  6. Eulaio D. Nariz
  7. Nelson J. Salang

SK Chairman: Juliet B. Sayon

SK Kagawads:

  1. Ma. Jovelyn G. Ighot
  2. Weniven L. Agosto
  3. Eugene Wilmar M. Pilarca
  4. Jovert B. Sayon
  5. Dolores J. Agosto
  6. Mark Juniel G. Ighot
  7. Mark Paul R. Tajantajan

Barangay Secretary: Nelia A. Nariz

Barangay Treasurer: Agustina C. Durac

BHW Members

  1. Purok 1 – Kag. Eutiquia G. Tajantajan
  2. Purok 2 – Monica C. Jabajab
  3. Purok 3 – Rosanna T. Sayon
  4. Purok 4 – Adolfa T. Apale
  5. Purok 5 –Rosita B. Sayon
  6. Purok 6 –Balbena G. Demiar
  7. Purok 7 –Procomia G. Sayon (BNS)

Barangay Tanod Members:

  1. Dennis B. Nesle
  2. Olegario A. Celis
  3. Dionisio M. Nariz
  4. Marianito C. Gomez
  5. Macario D. Bernadez
  6. Sony Boy R. Ceballos
  7. Anthony P. Agosto
  8. Adelo Sayon

Lupong Tagapamayapa

  1. Diego T. Talisic
  2. Generoso Tajantajan
  3. Mardonio Agosto
  4. Adolfa Apale
  5. Manuel Tajantajan
  6. German S. Ighot
  7. Eustaquio Apale
  8. Adolfo Alingig
  9. Tasionito Ighot
  10. Andres Violon

Daycare worker: Lucile C. Agosto

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