Barangay Cancatac



Situated along the boundaries with the adjoining municipalities of Alburquerque and Sikatuna, this barangay got its name from the local word “caracatac”.

Information from the old folks reveal that once upon a time chieftain of this village called his men to an informal meeting to discuss on how to put an end to the rampant stealing of animals in the place. During such meeting, almost everybody talked about the same time that no tangible result was achieved. Frustrated, one shouted at the top of his voice that we are like “caracatac”here. “Caracatac” is the way of talking where several persons talk almost at the same time that no meaning could be readily discerned from such talking. In adjourning the meeting, the chieftain told the gathering that next week; we “caracatac” will have another meeting. Thereafter, the word “caracatac” was coined to identify the place where the people who talked like “caracatac” were then living.

Punong Barangay: Celsa C. Daquipil

Barangay Kagawads:

  1. Apolio C. Lumactud
  2. Serena S. Pizarras
  3. Callos T. Lumactud
  4. Benecio O. Mahuloy
  5. Primo C. Ongcoy
  6. Pancrasio O. Ongcoy
  7. Paula T. Lloren

SK Chairman: Arlene G. Rule

SK Kagawads:

  1. Jay C. Rubin
  2. Lecel B. Quiao
  3. Richard A. Cubresis
  4. Joseph L. Andoy
  5. Jessel Ongcoy
  6. Mary Ann A. Bonita
  7. Lea Lyn Mae Lloren

Barangay Secretary: Alfredo W. Ejera

Barangay Treasurer: Gina Liza L. Baugbog

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