Barangay Pandol



“Pandol” in the local dialect, is that act of having kicked unintentionally any objection or just above the ground.

It is said that long before the Spaniards came, the people of this place raised “camote” (sweet potatoes) abundantly. During rainy days, the topsoil of the camote fields would be washed away by the water whereby exposing the tubers of this crop. Thus exposed, these were kicked unintentionally by some people who roam around the fields. In view of the abundance of such root crops, this unintentional kicking repeatedly happened that the term “napandol” was always used. Eventually, the word was shortened to “Pandol” which was also used to refer to the place.

Punong Barangay: Eleuterio A. Manito

Barangay Kagawads:

  1. Judith C. Manito
  2. Helen P. Omang
  3. Justino C. Badiang
  4. Celencio O. Maligsa
  5. Esmeraldo O. Maligsa
  6. Rolando M. Caliao
  7. Marcelino P. Inguito

SK Chairman: Alejandro C. Banas III

SK Kagawads:

  1. Ariel Joseph C. Manito
  2. Emily B. Inguito
  3. Rayan B. Inguito
  4. Anthony V. Carbon
  5. Evelyn O. Tadem
  6. Jerome P. Inguito
  7. Lhea Glory Mae G. Baugbog

Barangay Secretary: Melona C. Torreon

Barangay Treasurer: Lolita I. Gaterin

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