Barangay Tanday



Along time ago, at a certain location called by the old folks as Bungahan, which is situated in sittio Nonoc along the boundary line between Tanday, Corella and Baclayon, there grew a very big tree whose roots expanded lengthily. Some of these over-expanded roots, especially those visible on the surface, overlapped each other.

This overlapping of roots easily caught the attention of the people passing by such place. “Overlap” is translated in the local dialect as “tanday” and because the people would readily refer this place as the one where the roots of this big tree are overlapping, this barangay has since been known as “Tanday”. The adoption of the name Tanday prompted likewise the adoption of our Petron Saint Sr. San Vicente Ferrer in sitio Camoa. Sitio Guino-an and Canlawan also adopted Saint Isidro Labrador, Petron Saint of Farmer. The barangay was established in May 27, 1884.

Geographical location and boundaries:

Barangay Tanday is located in southern portion of the Municipality of Corella adjacent to Barangay Dasitam, Baclayon, Bohol. It is (1) kilometer away from Poblacion, Corella, bounded on the North – Barangay Poblacion on the South Municipality of Baclayon, on the West – Barangay Sambog on the East – Barangay Cancatac.

Barangay : Tanday

Foundation Day : May 27

Population : 958 ( as of 2010 )

No. of Household : 555.4363 hectares

No. of Sitios : 8

Major Industries : Cottage Industry

Production : Rice, Corn,Coconut, Root Crops, Banana and


Annual Income of the Barangay : P710, 000.00

Fiesta : San Isidro Labrador May 15

: San Vicente Ferrer May 27

Communication Facilities: Celphone

Congressional District: 1st District

Language Dialect : Boholano, Visayan, English and Tagalog

Main Source of potable Water : Ground Water

Water Demand for Irrigation : None

Energization Status : Fully Energized

No. of Health Center : 1

School Public : 1 Primary School

Punong Barangay: Juan D. Gaterin, Jr.

Barangay Kagawads:

  1. Onofre R. Rebuta
  2. Michael Q. Rebuta
  3. Lopecenio D. Rebuta
  4. Justino L. Gasque, Jr.
  5. Eduardo B. Mainit
  6. Antonio R. Calumba
  7. Cristina D. Lamay

SK Chairman: Nathaniel D. Rebuta

  1. Kent Anthony L. Calumba
  2. Christine D. Lamay
  3. Ernelin Q. Caderao
  4. Nicole Kimberly V. Gaterin
  5. Christian Lumantao
  6. Donna Mae Lanaja
  7. Vincent N. Ahit

Barangay Secretary: Mrs. Nemesia D. Abucay

Barangay Treasurer: Mr. Victoriano J. Ahit

Barangay Health Workers:

  1. Mrs. Angela L. Ribay
  2. Mrs. Ma. Mirasol L. Bandua
  3. Mrs. Exuperia S. Caliao
  4. Mrs. Servita A. Banguis
  5. Mrs. Teresa L. Gasque
  6. Mrs. Nemesia D. Abucay
  7. Mrs. Tomasa L. Rebuta – BNS
  8. Ms. Nila C. Daquipa
  9. Mrs. Trinidad S. Ahon
  10. Mrs. Nemesia D. Rebuta – Barangay Care Taker


  1. Mr. Feliciano L. REbuta – Chief Tanod
  2. Mr. Bartolomew J. Ahit
  3. Mr. Lorenzo Ahit
  4. Mr Eutiquio D. Lanaja
  5. Mr. Ladislao Banguis
  6. Mr. Geronimo Lanaja
  7. Mr. Jeson F. Rebuta
  8. Mr. Victor Maragañas
  9. Mr. Vecente Q. Maragañas
  10. Mr. Jovino Lago
  11. Mr. Victor Denque
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