About the service

This service is available to pre-school and school age children, pregnant mothers and other adults to prevent and treat dental diseases. Clients may avail of the service at the Municipal Health Office. Tooth extraction and dental consultation is available every Monday only.


Tooth Extraction per tooth P 20.00

Filling per tooth P 30.00

Prophylaxis P 50.00

Anesthesia P 25.00

Needles P 6.00

How to avail of the service

1. Consultation

On duty Dental Aide interviews the client

2. Preparation of individual record

> Oral Examination

> Fills up form of individual record

of client

3. Payment of fees

Advise client to pay the prescribed


4. Tooth examination

> Tooth Examination

> Tooth Extraction (if needed)

> Post-extraction instructions about

oral health

> Prescribes medicines if needed

5. Release of medicines

MHN carry out doctor’s order on

Medicines. Give instructions on medicines prescribed. Client get the medicines and sign the Logbook

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