About the service

The Municipal Health Office (MHO) manages an anti-tuberculosis program. The purpose is to identify and treat patients with tuberculosis (TB). Drugs and medicines are provided free of charge.

Who may avail of the service

Any person, 10 years old and above, who displays the following symptoms may have tuberculosis:

* Persistent coughing for 2 weeks or more

* Fever

* Progressive weight loss

* Chest or back pains

* Hemoptysis or recurrent blood streak sputum

* Loss of appetite

* Tiredness/night sweating

How to avail of the service

1. Inquiry

Client gets priority number at the waiting area

2. Client receive instructions

MHM, MHN on duty interviews the client. Client receives instructions for proper sputum collection

3. Collection and submission of specimen

Midwife collects sputum specimen and submits it to the Medical Technologist for examination. Client receives information as to the date of release of result.

5. Enrollment of patient

TB nurse coordinator or Midwife on duty:

> Assesses the patient if illegible as National

Tuberculosis Program (NTP) beneficiary

> If eligible, enrolls patient and issues NTP identification card

> Gives patient information education about TB Disease and Control the importance of DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short Course)

> Starts issues initial TB drugs supply to patient for 1 week and instruct to come back to the RHU every week.

> Midwife instructs treatment partner and patient where to report for his daily intake of TB drugs and schedule of sputum follow-ups.

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