About the service

The purpose of this service is to diagnose and treat illnesses and give appropriate medical services. A service is available at the Municipal Health Office (MHO) to any person/individual who needs medical assistance.


> Individual Treatment Record (ITR) of patients

> Mother and child book

> ECCD Card

> Referrals


Laboratory fees:

Urinalysis P 30.00


a.) Routing, microscopic search for parasites eggs,

abnormal cells, flagellates, amoeba, cysts, etc. – P 20.00

b.) Concentration method for search of parasites eggs, or cysts – P 20.00

c.) Determination of occult blood or other chemical test – P 20.00

Sputum microscopy examination:

a.) Direct smear examination for TB P 20.00

b.) Examination for any other organism P 20.00

Other Services:

  1. Use of ambulance/double cab vehicles

for emergency cases(Corella-Tagb.) P 50.00

Non-emergency cases (station to destination)

per kilometer P 10.00

  1. Use of Nebulizer:

Nebulizer only P 10.00

Nebulizer with medicines P 30.00

How to avail of the service

1. Request

Client gets priority number at the waiting area

2. Assessment of patient

MHM/ MHN interview the client. Prepare individual treatment card. Take Vital signs

3. Examination of patient

> History taking

> Physical examination

> Counseling

> Prescribe appropriate medicine and gives medical advice

> Refers patient to MHN for issuance of medicine

> If hospitalization is required, fill up referral form to the hospital of choice

4. Release of medicines

MHN carry out doctor’s order on medicines

Give instructions on medicines prescribed

Client get the medicines and sign the Logbook

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