About the service

Anti-rabies vaccination, particularly to dogs, is one of the services of the Municipality of Corella to its constituents through the office of the Municipal Agricultural Officer. Except under a mass vaccination program initiated by the government, anti-rabies vaccination is being performed upon request from client.


P 100./dog (for male and un-castrated dogs)

P 50.00/dog ( for female and castrated dogs)

How to avail of the service

  1. Request. Client to request for the conduct of anti-rabies vaccination.
  2. Interview. AT interviews the client. Extract vital information of the dog for registration. Record anti-rabies vaccine needed and other supplies. Schedules date & time of vaccination and advice client to bring dog to office.
  3. Prepare vaccine. Secure anti-rabies vaccine at Office of the Provincial Veterinarian and buy other supplies needed 1 day before date of vaccination.
  4. Payment. On date of vaccination, AT advises client to pay to pay service charge at Treasurer’s Office. Client to present O.R.
  5. Vaccination. Perform vaccination to the dog. Record in logbook.
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