About the service

SLAUGHTER PERMIT and auxiliary invoice, in case of large cattle, is one of the services of the Municipality of Corella to its constituents through the office of the Municipal Agricultural Officer. Any person or corporation who wish to slaughter animals must first secure permit to slaughter or an auxiliary invoice in case of large cattle.


For large cattle, proof of ownership or certificate of transfer document


Certificate of ownership of large cattle

Certificate of ownership P 5.00

Registration fee P 10.00

Service fee P 20.00

Inspection fee P 20.00

Livestock P 2.00

Transfer of large cattle

Transfer fee P 30.0

Slaughter permit

Commercial purpose

large cattle P 50.00

hogs P 15.00

Home consumption

large cattle P 50.00

hogs P 10.00

How to avail of the service

  1. Application

Client request for issuance of permit to slaughter of large cattle. Interview the Client. Examine the documents


  1. Identification/Validation

Identify Animal Applied for Slaughter. Conduct Anti- Mortem Examination.

  1. Payment

Client is advised to pay permit fee at treasurer’s office. Client present OR and required documents. Issue Slaughter


  1. Issuance of permit

Client presents O.R. and other documents. Meat Inspector issues slaughter permit.

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