About the service

Owners/administrators of real properties (land, buildings and other improvements) have to pay Real Property Taxes annually. Real Property Taxes are percentages of the property’s taxable value. Taxpayers may choose to pay on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis. Discounts are given to those who pay within the first 20 days in the first month of the quarter.


– Assessment form duly approved/signed by the Municipal Assessor

– Official Receipt on previous RPT payment


Basic: 1% of the real property assessed value

SEF: 1% of the real property assessed value

How to avail of the service

1. Request

Client requests for computation of Real Property Tax based on real property assessment issued by the Municipal Assessor.

2. Assessment

Revenue collection clerk computes real property tax. Inform client of the amount to be paid.

3. Payment

Client pays real property tax due. Revenue Collection Clerk issues Official Receipt, post O.R. in the individual ledger.

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