About the service

BUILDING PERMIT is a written authorization to anybody who wishes to construct, erect, alter, or conduct major repair or renovate any building/structure owned by government or private person. It is required before any construction activity begins.

The permit becomes null and void if work does not commence within 1 year from the date of such permit, or if the building or work is suspended or abandoned at any time after it has been commenced for a period of 120 days.


– Duly filled-up application form

– Photocopies of

  1. TCT
  2. Tax Declaration
  3. Latest Tax Receipt
    1. Affidavit of consent
    2. Deed of sale
  4. Barangay Certification
  5. Latest Cedula
  6. Locational clearance
  7. Bldg plans and estimates


Fees vary according to categorization as per local tax code

How to avail of the service

1. Application

Client requests for a building/renovation permit. ME staff interview client, give application form and list of requirements. Advise client to come back when all requirements are complied

2. Submission of complete documents

Client submits complete documents as prescribed along with filled up application form.

3. Evaluation of documents

Staff reviews and evaluates application documents and determines sufficiency. Computes required fees and advice client to pay at treasurer’s office. Schedules site inspection if necessary.

4. Conduct site inspection

When site inspection is necessary, Municipal Engineer inspects the site as scheduled and prepares inspection report.

5. Issuance of Building Permit

Staff prepares building permit upon presentation by client of official receipt and locational clearance. ME validate sufficiency of the document and affix his signature.

6. Release of document

Staff releases approved building permit to client. Secure file copy and record in logbook.

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