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SECURING A MAYOR’S Certification/ PERMIT (on cutting of trees, holding of activities, use of facilities, etc.)

About the Service

Private or government entities/individuals are required to secure a Mayor’s Permit prior to render any commercial activity or to use of government facilities.

The fee for the cutting trees is based on the number of trunk/s, while the Mayor’s Permit to transport will be on per cubic meter. The fee for the use of government facilities shall be based on the number of days and hours.

It takes only twenty (20) minutes to process the aforesaid permit.

How to avail the service

1. Application

Client identifies the purpose of the Mayor’s certification/permit he/she is applying for.

Interview the Client and advise to pay the prescribe fees

2– Payment

Client pays the prescribe fees at the treasurer’s office and to come back after payment is made to present the O.R.

3. Preparation of Mayor’s Permit

Staff forward papers to Mun. Mayor for approval. Prepares Mayor’s certification/permit and have it signed by the Mayor.

4. Release of Mayor’s Permit

Staff releases certification/permit. Retain duplicate copy for office file. Let client sign the logbook.


About the Service:

All entrepreneurs are required to secure Business Licenses and Mayor’s Permit periodically to avoid fines and penalties and other surcharges. The same process will be undertaken by all enterprises either applying or renewing of business permit.

Licenses should be renewed from January 1 to January 20 every year. Penalties and other surcharges will be imposed if renewal is made beyond the prescribed date.

Taxes for the new applicants shall be based on their capitalization. Renewal of business taxes shall be based on their gross income. The payment can be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly and or monthly basis.

It will take only a day to process the renewal and application of new business permit if all authorized signatories are present.


  • Business Permit Application Form
  • Residence Certificate
  • Clearances of Business Permit
  • Copy of prior year’s business permit (if renewal)


  • New applicants – based on their capitalization
  • Renewal – based on their gross income

How to avail of the service

  1. Application

Client applies for a business permit

  1. Interview

Staff interviews client. Give application form and list of requirements. Client fills up application form. Staff advises client to proceed to the office of the Mayor for signature on application


Client to proceed to treasurer’s office and pay the prescribe fees.

4. Comply different clearances

client is advised to comply all the

Clearances required as indicated in the application form.

5. issuance of business permit

Upon compliance to all clearances, client submits complete documents to Mayor’s office for approval and signature of the Mayor. Staff prepares business permit.

6. Release of business permit.

Staff releases business permit, retain duplicate copy for office file. Client signs the release logbook,

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