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About the service

All Appointive and Elective municipal employees of this agency is entitled to fifteen (15) days vacation and fifteen (15) days sick leave annually. They are entitled of the same number of leave days regardless on the number of years rendered in service. The leave credits for the Casual Plantilla employees will be computed and shall be based on the number of working days rendered every month.

There are special leave that can also be availed by the employees namely the maternity; paternity; solo parent; forced leave and special privilege. Special leave privileges refers to leave of absence which an employees may avail of for a maximum of three (3) days annually over and above the vacation leave, sick , maternity and paternity leaves to mark personal milestones and or attend to filial and domestic responsibilities.


– Updated DTR

– Duly filled-up application form


How to avail of the service

1. Application

Client submits duly filled-up application for leave of absence.

2. Updating of record

HRMO posts/updates employees leave card

3. Certification/confirmation

HRMO certify employee’s application for leave

4.Approval and release

HRMO forwards application to the Mayor for approval. Release certification to client and retain copy for office file.

5.Release and retain file


About the service

All elective, appointive and casual plantilla employees connected with this agency are entitled to secure their Service Record. Service Record is updated periodically.

Service Record will be processed after payment of required fee. The fee varies depending on the purpose of issuance. Fifteen Pesos (P15.00) will be collected for the issuance of Service Record for personal use and Twenty Five Pesos (P25.00) for retirement or terminal claim purposes.

It will only take an hour to process the

issuance of Service Record.


– Copy of old service record if necessary

– Official receipt


P 15.00 Certification fee (issuance of service record)

P 25.00 Certification fee (for retirement and terminal leave purposes)

How to avail of the service

1. Request

Request for issuance of service record. Retiree/ separated from service are required to sign the logbook

2. Retrieval

HRMO retrieves his/her 201 file. Advise client to pay the prescribed fees

3. Payment

Client pays at treasurer’s office and present O.R to the HRMO.

4. Approval

Staff prepares/print service record and forward the same to the Mayor for his signature.

5. Release of service record

Staff release requested service record to client. Record in logbook.

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