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About the service

Certificate of Real property Tax payment is equired in some transactions (e.g. securing a building permit, to prove that taxes on real property have been paid and updated.


Official Receipt of RPT


P 30.00 Certification Fee

How to avail of the service

1. Request

Client requests for issuance of tax clearance

2. Processing of request

Revenue collection clerk gets individual RPT ledger card and cross check if client has fully paid tax due. Advise client to pay tax clearance fee.

If found delinquent, advise client to pay the full tax due.

3. Issuance

Revenue collection clerk issues tax clearance certification. Forward to Mun. Treasurer for signature.


About the service

It is the responsibility of the Municipal Treasurer to take custody and exercise proper management and to take charge of the disbursement of all local government funds and such other funds of which may be entrusted to her by law or other competent authority.


Duly approved vouchers and supporting documents

How to avail of the service

1. Presentation of documents

Present approved voucher for payment thru check.

2. Review

  1. Review of vouchers and supporting documents as to completeness of signatures
  2. Preparation/signing of checks. Type entries on check and sign. Records check No. and payee on the check booklet.
  3. Approval of check. Forward check with approved voucher to LCE for approval.
  4. Release of Check.
  5. Client signs the voucher and issue Official Receipt. Release original copy and retain the duplicate copy of the check for voucher’s file.
  6. Recording of payment.
  7. Assigned voucher number to the voucher and record payment in the cashbook. Forward voucher to the Accounting Office


About the service

Registered water consumers in the Corella Waterworks System are required to pay for their water bill at the Treasurer’s Office on or before the 17th day of the following month. Failure of the consumer to do so on said date shall cause the payment of a penalty of P 10.00 for the delinquent month.


Billing statement


a) For Local Consumers

a) for the first five cubic meters P 25.00

b) in excess of five cubic meters P 8.00/cu.m.

b) For outside Consumers

a) For the first five cubic meters P 50.00

b) In excess of five cubic meters

6-15 cu. m. P 11.00/cu.m.

16-30 cu.m. P 12.00/cu.m.

31-50 cu.m. P 13.00/cu.m.

51-75 cu.m. P 14.00/cu.m.

76 above P 15.00/cu.m.

How to avail of the service

1. Request

Consumer asks for his/her water bill due. Revenue collection clerk computes bill.

2. Payment

Client makes his/her payment. Revenue clerk issues Official Receipt and post O.R. in the individual ledger card.

NOTE: all other fees imposed by the Municipality thru Municipal Ordinance and its local tax code are payable to the Municipal Treasurer’s Office.


About the service

Owners/administrators of real properties (land, buildings and other improvements) have to pay Real Property Taxes annually. Real Property Taxes are percentages of the property’s taxable value. Taxpayers may choose to pay on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis. Discounts are given to those who pay within the first 20 days in the first month of the quarter.


– Assessment form duly approved/signed by the Municipal Assessor

– Official Receipt on previous RPT payment


Basic: 1% of the real property assessed value

SEF: 1% of the real property assessed value

How to avail of the service

1. Request

Client requests for computation of Real Property Tax based on real property assessment issued by the Municipal Assessor.

2. Assessment

Revenue collection clerk computes real property tax. Inform client of the amount to be paid.

3. Payment

Client pays real property tax due. Revenue Collection Clerk issues Official Receipt, post O.R. in the individual ledger.


About the service

All business enterprises are required to secure a business license and mayor’s permit and pay business taxes before the start of commercial operations. License must be renewed from January 1 to 20 every year. After this given period penalties are being imposed.

Business taxes for new applications are based on capitalization. Those for the succeeding years are computed as a percentage of gross sales/receipts. Payments may be made annually; semi-annually or quarterly. Taxes are due on the first 20 days of each semester or quarter.


Application form duly signed by the LCE

Community Tax Certificate

Clearances required for Business Permit (attached to application)

Official Receipt


For new application, based on capitalization

For renewal, based on gross sales/receipts

How to avail of the service

1. Request

Client requests for assessment of business tax on approved application for business.

2. Assessment

Revenue collection clerk assesses business taxes due to client. Issues business receipt

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